Friday, March 19, 2021

More on Scripts

And how real estate brokers think

This past fall I wrote a brief piece on scripts, making my favorite point on the topic:  If you cannot trust someone to have a sincere and genuine conversation with you, how on earth can you trust them with something as important as a real estate transaction?

And that remains my primary thinking on the subject.  But what about the time involved?  These things require so much time.  Why not instead spend your time mastering the field of real estate?  Spend your time becoming competent at conveying real property.  Then, when you have a conversation with someone, you don't need to rely on some canned, memorized script.  You can have that genuine conversation.

But so many brokers need scripts because they are not competent and do not care about competence.  They only care about client acquisition.  And that is where they spend their time and where they become competent.  I assure you, client acquisition does not get your house sold.  And it certainly does not help you find and purchase a property.  In short, client acquisition is a totally different skill set than conveying real property.

What I love about this video is it demonstrates how real estate brokers think.  There's nothing terrible here.  There's no real gotcha.  If there was, she would never put this online.  But there can be no doubt about her single-minded focus on client acquisition.  So watch and ask yourself:  Do I want to do business with these people?

Some people, evidently many people, will watch this and say yes.  Tina Caul is very successful in this business.  And the thinking expressed in this video is pretty typical for our business.  So if they don't hire Caul, they'll likely hire someone who thinks this way.  But for those of you who, like me, find this approach sort of disturbing, demand something better.  There are alternatives.

Now, should I not post this for fear of losing business to Ms. Caul?  She is after all a master of client acquisition.  Well the type of people who appreciate her methods would never hire our firm anyway.

My favorite part is where she describes how brokers must go off script in order to respond to someone who says my grandfather died.  My God, throw the script out and have a real conversation.  Better yet, don't pick up a script, any script, in the first place.

Finally, there's one other interesting aspect to this video and some of her others.  By placing them on her public YouTube channel, she does not seem to care if her clients and potential clients learn that she is a big script-reader.  I have always thought that no one wants to be scripted, and that if they realized that you were scripting them, they'd be upset about it.

Maybe I'm just wrong about that.  Judge for yourself.

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  1. And these days, as per realtor rules, don't even commit a politically incorrect thoughtcrime--even in your own home with your own family.