Friday, March 26, 2021

Scripts For Superstars

Mike Ferry wants to help me with my scripts

Got an email from the Mike Ferry Organization today:
Do you need to know what to say?  Do you want to learn how to effectively internalize the scripts and dialogues?  Do you want to learn how to set more listing appointments and get the contract signed?

I was reminded of the greatest real estate video of all time:

If you have read my book, you will already know, Number 4 (at the 4:54 minute mark) is my favorite.

Dear readers, before you dismiss these videos based on their sheer truffery and ridiculousness, please know this:  Real estate brokers eat this stuff up.  This is how they spend their time.  They are not experts on conveying real property.  In fact they care very little about it.  Rather, they are experts at client acquisition.  And they cannot even be genuine about that.

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