Wednesday, May 5, 2021

How to Be a Top Producer

What is Important to Real Estate Brokers

I have no doubt that Tina Caul is correct about everything she says.  She is a master of client acquisition and script reading.  She calls this video Secrets to Becoming a Top Realtor.  But there is not one word about conveying real property in it.  Not one.

Message:  Becoming a top real estate broker has absolutely nothing to do with conveying real property.

At the end she says:  If you are a brand new agent, the first thing I would say to do is go learn a listing presentation script.  Not go learn the contract – Rather, go learn a listing script.  Not, go learn a neighborhood, study an appraisal or home inspection, take a technology or accounting class, attend a local re-zoning meeting, read a book on negotiation, etc.  You know, the whole range of knowledge and experience and expertise that is useful and helpful for serving clients.

No, no:  Go learn a script.

Why?  For these agents it is simply not about conveying real property.  For them, the entire business is client acquisition.  This is the ball game.

So I would argue that the reason brokers need scripts is because they are completely incompetent at conveying real property and have no desire to become competent.  Think about it:  If you are only marginally competent (at anything), you don't need a script to have a conversation about it.  Scripts are a crutch for the pretender.

Wondering where she turns for scripts and so-called coaching?  These guys.  Yes really.  Sure, they seem like a parody of everything wrong with the real estate business and how brokers conduct themselves.  But sadly, it's not parody.  Brokers use these methods because they work.

This says as much about American consumers as it does about real estate brokers.  In polling, Americans don't think very highly of brokers.  But I submit that the reason they think so little of brokers is directly related to the type of brokers they tend to hire.  If you hire a shallow, low-substance, script-reader, do not be surprised if you have an unsatisfactory experience.

Here, I would like to say, You get what you pay for.  But that tried-and-true adage does not work in the real estate business.  Because what brokers charge is totally divorced from their value proposition.  And if a broker uses a script to gain your business, they will almost certainly use a script to justify a high fee.  So in fact, the six-percenters are much more likely to be script-readers.

And the success of the client acquisition brokers does not go unnoticed by their colleagues.  As a consequence, transactional competence suffers industry-wide.  There is just no room for competence at conveying real property.

I do love Caul's honesty, but find myself asking:  Why is she giving away her store?  I mean this is not the first video of her's that I have shared.  I can think of no other broker who is willing to talk about these things in a public forum.  And I do not believe that she is being naively or inadvertently honest; she is way too clever for that.

I can only speculate, but it appears that Tina Caul is attempting to transition from real estate broker to real estate coach.  And evidently she believes that she must give away some free samples to make the move and, clients.

In any case, it gives us a peek behind the curtains.