Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Broker Emails

Today I received yet another email from broker Kathryn.  Here's a screen shot:

Very professional looking.  But I think it is worth pointing out, that I never subscribed to her email service.  Nevertheless, I seem to have found my way onto the list.  Hint:  She (or her firm) added my email to her mailing list without my request, much less my permission.

So I hit reply, and sent her the following:

Right?  I mean, why not?

And Kathryn?  Well she got right back to me:

Thank you Kathryn Washburn; I could not make this up.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

The Competent Broker has been published

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The Competent Broker:  Seeking Competence and Integrity in the Real Estate Business

The Competent Broker has just been published on Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle eBook formats.

The Competent Broker  Competence is a choice.  In the business of real estate brokerage, this is an absolute.  Brokers have a duty to their clients to be competent.  A duty of competence.  So competence is a character trait and a function of integrity.  It is not that brokers choose to be incompetent.  But they do choose to focus their attention elsewhere.  Competence simply falls by the wayside.  Unnoticed and unattended.

The purpose of this book is to help readers find and identify competence and integrity in an often murky and counterintuitive business.  We start with Competence is a Choice and a Code of Competent Conduct, which we expand into sections on Brokers, Buyers & Sellers, Fees & Business Models, Marketing, and Negotiation.
There are a few different and sometimes overlapping potential audiences:  People thinking about entering the real estate market either as new buyers or sellers, or perhaps those with a less than ideal experience in the past.  People thinking about getting a real estate license or newly-minted brokers just finding your way.  And finally, disaffected brokers seeking a better way.

Visit our Competent Broker page for a chapter-by-chapter summary.

I look forward to your comments and questions.