Friday, July 17, 2020

Definition:  realtory

realtory (adjective and adverb) 
A person, thing, or action that exhibits traits typical of a Realtor®.

Yesterday, I was describing a colleague, and I said:  "She is very realtory."  What I meant was that she acts like, and carries herself, much like the stereotype of a typical real estate broker (most of whom are indeed Realtors®).  I would like to say that I did not mean it in a negative way.  But the truth is, I did.

Note, this has less to do with the Realtor® organizations, and more to do with the way brokers act.  I guess I could have said brokery, but it was realtory that came to mind.  I think it fits.

She keeps sending me realtory emails announcing her latest price reductions.