Wednesday, October 28, 2020

A Disciple of the Written Word

A friend emails:  You should start a YouTube channel.  A colleague on an email forum that I started says:  You should move this forum to Facebook.  A relative asks:  Are you on Instagram?  A client asks:  Will you come on my podcast?  And why don't you start your own?

The truth is I am an unapologetic disciple of the written word.  I am comfortable here, with this medium and on this platform and in this format.  I belong here.  I am happy to leave all the modern alternatives to others.  I like writing and then reading what I have written.  And thinking about it.  Revising it.  Correcting it (although I can be a terrible editor).  Sometimes I even print it out...on paper.  Or, in a book.

Look, we are not talking about a Gutenberg press here.  When I publish to this blog, anyone in the world can read it, instantly.  Or not.

But will I miss out on some potential audience?  Without doubt.

I often write to help me determine how I should think about things.  Even sometimes, if I should think about things at all.  It really is a journal.  So if others read along, great.  It is a bonus.  But the writing you find here is primarily for myself.  If you are reading along, I hope it makes you think as it does for me.  Surely that is a worthy goal for all of us.

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