Brick & Garden Real Estate

We founded our firm on the premise that in real estate, the small and nimble serve the client far more effectively than the big and bloated.  Like other industries, the real estate business consolidated greatly over the last generation.  Quite often, these business models benefit from economies of scale.  Bigger means greater cost savings and efficiencies which can be  passed along to the customer.   While this typically involves less  service, these models seem to work for most consumers.  However, the real estate business is unlike any other.  Larger firms, burdened with greater overhead and out-dated business models, suffer from increased costs and decreased effectiveness.

It helps to understand the residential real estate business model.  The typical listing commission is split four ways.  First, the commission is split between the list side and selling (buyers) side of the transaction.  Then, each side splits their portion of the commission again, between the firm and the agent.  A large firm must keep a greater percentage of their side in order to pay their expenses.  This is why large, traditional firms are the least likely to offer reasonable pricing – often enforcing minimum fees on their brokers.  Further, since the agents earn less, agent-quality and customer service suffer.  This, just as today's transaction complexity has increased the need for top tier agents and high-level client service.  So, in real estate, bigger simply means more expense and less service.

Enter Brick and Garden Real Estate.  Our efficient, broker-only model offers highly skilled & educated agents, unparalleled client support, and competitive, agent-driven pricing.  Our business model supports today's information-oriented, hyper-competitive environment.  In fact, we have structured our entire firm to attract the very best agents and provide them with the incentive to support high-level client service.  Our goal is to be responsive without being pushy:  Crass-free real estate.  To borrow a phrase, Better agents, better real estate.  In an industry increasingly filled with noise, put a serious, substantive, professional firm to work for you.  For an investment as vital as your home, why trust anything less?

We strive to make our website crisp, informational, and useful.  Hopefully, no one will ever find our site loud, cluttered, or well, cutesy.  Whether you are buying or selling a primary residence, a second home, or an income property, real estate is a substantial investment and we take it quite seriously.  That is, we approach this business with the thoughtful sobriety it deserves and demands.  As a client or potential client, you should expect no less.  As John Sculley once famously observed, we are not selling sugar water.